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Features of Stratum
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A prized feature of Stratum, the levelling and xp system will set your server far apart from others. The levelling system includes customizable levels (assign levels to roles), leaderboards and rankings, and further individual stats, all of which are earned just by chatting in your server! Anyone in your server can gain xp by chatting, and it will keep the conversations going in your server! Combined with Stratum's upcoming auto-moderation, this is the ideal bot.


Stratum is incredibly modular. Use its advanced settings to customize it to your server's needs! Customizing options include the admin staples like enabling and disabling commands to control what goes on in your server. The bot also has existing and future moderation features like server-logging, case-logging, moderation commands, and more. To access the more common options, use the settings command. It can be used to turn on features like level role rewards, logging, and much more.


Stratum is always gaining new fun commands and game features. Spice up your server with many fun and entertaining commands with jokes, trivia, would you rather, image generation, and more. And there is not just games, don't miss the many random commands that the bot has.

Twitch Notifications

Twitch notifying is another great feature of the bot. Use it to remind yourself or your server (you can use it to ping members) that a certain streamer is live. Just provide the name of your streamer, the channel, and a customized message if you want to the addtwitch command.







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